, which was born of a singularity with an infinitely small size. Quantum theory tells us that this tiny singularity was one where everything was possible. Even the question of determinism seems largely irrelevant, for indeterminism holds within it the capacity for determined events, and determinism cannot tell us what is determined. Recent quarrels of physicists and philosophers; between determinists and indeterminists, subjectivists and objectivists, realists and idealists; are less arguments of truth than arguments about what is false. It is a certainty that our ideas about the cosmos will be constantly superceded; it is highly improbable that reality will yield even one of its secrets.

The case is strong, then, for religious belief or spirituality. Since prehistory, deity or transcendence has been the best reason for existing at all. It is unfortunate for Christianity that it failed so often in its scientific and ideological struggles. In ancient societies, the study of physics and philosophy was one encouraged by the prospect of controlling our environs, but this character of control is now largely lost. These disciplines now struggle to discover more attractive truths, though the ultimate truth may be beyond them. Our interpretations of reality, and their record, foster further and further advances towards such a truth. It is a lesson of progression that any religion or spirituality must learn.

A merely reasonable analysis of facts such as those here discussed leads to a crisis of reason itself. We are, however, disrespectful of pointlessness. Humanity has long struggled against the apparent meaninglessness of our environs and our purposes: our philosophies and our physics are just two examples of that. Relegation of our importance in the cosmos is difficult stuff to manage, but daring to question the universe is a remarkable achievement. It should be enough to convince us of the wonder of humanity, for it is a wonderful thing to inhabit this mysterious, beautiful, endlessly interacting universe.

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