size="4" face="Book Antiqua"> (Steve at MIT wears an online camera on his head; see what he sees: "It's fun being a cyborg"; witty top page) (Steve Mann)
  • Online Cameras ("Wanna see what other ignorant humans ore doing right now?") (Aurora Gory Avedis)
  • Paul's (Extra) Refrigerator (technical detail on the current temperature and other status of Paul's other refrigerator; includes extensive meta-technical detail on how the above information is monitored) (Paul Haas)
  • Peeping Tom Homepage (100+ live cameras on the Web)
  • So Many Ghosts, So Little Time... (multiple online cameras with spotlights pointed under her bed and in her trunks to check for source of strange sounds at night) (June Houston)
  • Technomads
    1. Nomadic Research Labs ("created by Steven K. Roberts, who has been a technomad for the past 13 years -- wandering 17,000 miles around the U.S. on various versions of a computerized recumbent bicycle known as Behemoth") (Faun Skyles)
    2. Pages of Folks from Technomads ("technomads" are defined as nomadic people who carry major tech along with them; e.g., Steve Mann) (Kathy Bilton)
    3. Recumbents and Technomadics (Kathy Bilton)
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