Siobhan Maguire


The stench is back,

Dripping heavily on my head,

staining patches play Judas

But turn the blind eye, I have.

They said it would be fine,

to care not if the gathering black

Swallowed whole the last beat

from this decaying pulp

Precious time to seep to the outside.

Men cast spells on us

conjure, carry and cast off the festering hatred, because I do hate,

The raging witch that I am, to claw and gouge the eyes of all who judge.

Anger is my answer.

Because it will never forgive.

Turn the blind eye, I have.

Close those protrusions

and lock them away

from the gazing eye that will spy and steal and destroy

the daughters of daughters of daughters



Do you think it will last?

These brimming caskets so wanton

for that word or touch.

Do you think it will make us happy?

To break all ties for your enemy

who cannot be trusted.

Do you think there is more to it?

She does.

She will not be discouraged.

Do you think you are being foolish?

To give all to one

who repays with flesh.

Do you want to get hurt?

Because she will hurt you,

she has sold her soul to stake her claim.

Do you think it will last?

No? Then leave her now,

she has already forgotten you.




Untitled 2

Passion unfolding these wonderful days - and nights

Softening feather-laden havens to recline and spoil

Zephyrs skipping lightly around the sacred soil

Tip-toe, tip-toe,

Crystals glitter and soothe the warming tone

Spine-tickling rhythms encircling the bone

with a hundred laughing chimes

Tee-Hee, Tee-Hee.

Fires blaze brilliantly and join in the dance

Electric colours casting swooping shadows

to this ornamental show.

Whoosh, Whoosh.

Magnificent, bravo, clap hands in appraise

for the wonder of wonders and cheering of cheers

imagination takes a bow

Encore, Encore.




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